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We need a bill  to protect the rights of animal owners in California  to be able to choose whatever form of animal care we want. We will share this list with the legislators we contact.

Feel free to share the following letter, written by Dr. Sue Chan, with your friends, your group, club or organization. Dr. Chan has summarized the situation well and covered the threats we are facing.

CalAAOR Rein in the CVMB

Letter below:


THE CVMB HAS TOO MUCH POWER:   The California Veterinary Medical Board (CVMB) has enacted many regulations that prevent animal owners from seeking care from anyone who is not a licensed veterinarian Here are links to the CVMA website that gives you the details:

In short: Any procedure performed by a non-licensed person, and without veterinary supervision could be considered illegal. Examples include:

 Non-anesthetic dental procedures

 Ear cropping/tail docking

 Equine tooth floating

 Castration

 Chiropractic

 Physical Therapy

 Rehabilitative Services

 Ear cropping/tail docking

 Reproduciton services such as artificial insemination, rectal palpation, ultrasound or embryo transfer

 Nutrition consulting

 Acupuncture

You can see how many basic services and advice from non-veterinarians could be taken away because of the way “veterinary medicine” is defined. Several years ago, they went after teeth-scaling, equine dentistry, acupuncture, and chiropractic practitioners who didn’t have a DVM license or a veterinarian on the premises to supervise. To start enforcement of any service listed above, all the Board needs to do is pass a regulation change.

In addition, it is against the practice act for a veterinarian to even REFER anyone to a non-veterinarian for anything the VMB considers “the Practice of veterinary medicine.”

THE CVMB WANTS TO CONTROL EVER MORE SERVICES The CVMB is currently crafting regulations to prevent anything considered “Animal rehabilitation”, even massage, swim therapy, exercise, heat, magnets, and from being performed by anyone other than a licensed veterinarian. Even PREVENTIVE measures and CONSULTATIONS are considered veterinary medicine and therefore under the CVMB jurisdiction! Arizona has already eliminated the competition from low-cost vaccination clinics by requiring full physical exams before vaccination. This could easily happen in California, too, because the CVMB can instate regulations without oversight by voters or legislators. Imagine how many pets will not be vaccinated at all if low-cost clinics are eliminated. This would pose an increased health risk to both animals and people.

IT’S ALL ABOUT MONEY The majority of the Board Members are licensed veterinarians who have everything to gain by eliminating competition from non-veterinarians. These regulations have full support of the California Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) who protects the financial interests of veterinary practices.

The CVMB executive officer has admitted in a recent public meeting that they do not track complaints, thus have no data to show significant harm done by non-veterinarians. Therefore, their claim of “needing to protect clients and their animals” is based on no solid evidence. Requests for information about complaints have been denied and are met with the requirement of a subpoena.

Arguments justifying the need for veterinarian supervision or services to be exclusively provided by veterinarians include the possibility of an emergency during a procedure. Again, this is a red herring. Veterinarians who are practicing or supervising away from a full service facility will not have the equipment and supplies to handle an emergency on-site. Any intelligent person will be able to recognize when an animal has collapsed or had a seizure and can transport the animal to a full service facility. This does not require a veterinary degree.

THESE REGULATIONS DO MORE HARM THAN GOOD Enforcement actions against non-veterinarians are most often sting operations triggered by complaints from veterinarians, not clients who have had substandard care. The CVMB has not only destroyed reputations of skilled care providers, like equine dentists and technicians who can artificially inseminate animals, but created personal hardships and taken away valuable services for animal owners. Who suffers? Owners and animals. Who benefits? Veterinarians and veterinary practice owners.

ACCESS TO AFFORDABLE OPTIONS NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED As everyone recognizes, veterinary fees have skyrocketed over the years to a point that owners find it difficult to afford care for even the simplest issues. Requiring veterinary license or oversight for every animal care service offers a false sense of competency, since many veterinarians are not trained to perform what they can legally perform or supervise. It also adds logistical issues and costs if a veterinarian must be involved every time services are provided.

FREEDOM TO CHOOSE AND ACCESS TO ALTERNATIVE/ COMPLEMENTARY MODALITES MUST BE PROTECTED FROM VETERINARY OVERSIGHT Veterinarians are misleading the public by claiming they know everything there is to know about health and wellness. Alternative & complementary modalities and holistic care are gaining popularity because they do achieve success with their cases. Much of what veterinarians are taught is contrary to the teachings of alternative modalities and thus makes them unqualified to oversee these practitioners.

WHAT IS BEING DONE TO STOP THIS POWER GRAB? California Alliance for Animal Owners Rights (CalAAOR) ) is a group of animal owners, veterinarians and alternative/complementary care providers trying to find a state legislator to sponsor a bill modeled after SB 577. This will allow owners to choose non-veterinarians for animal care services and for care providers and consultants to operate without threat of action by the veterinary medical board. This bill requires service providers to disclose in a waiver their training and that they are not veterinarians. Owners have recourse against unscrupulous and incompetent care providers through the civil courts. WHAT CAN PEOPLE DO TO HELP? We have been warned that veterinary associations will plow tons of money to fight any effort to take away their turf. But we have shear numbers on our side— pet owners, horse owners, farmers and ranchers, trainers and all the skilled professionals who just want what is best for animals at a price that is affordable.

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