We all need to contact our legislators!


The California Alliance for Animal Owners Rights (CalAAOR) is looking for legislators to sponsor/cosponsor legislation directed at preserving the right to choose who treats our animals.

This new legislation will bypass the drastic regulations currently proposed by the California Veterinary Medical Board (CVMB) that will put your right to choose at risk and it will be a violation for animal owners to use complementary or alternative health-related services.

In 2002, SB 577 was introduced and passed to allow humans the right to choose complimentary and/or alternative medicine for themselves. We need similar legislation to protect our right to choose who we want to treat our animals.

Here is a link to SB577: ftp://www.leginfo.ca.gov/pub/01-02/bill/sen/sb_0551-0600/sb_577_bill_20020923_chaptered.html

Do you know a legislator who is animal friendly? Would you be interested in joining our team to help contact that legislator and others as well?

If you are interested, but a little hesitant because this is new territory for you, not to worry …… meetings will be held (via internet) with “how to” guidelines.

Please email Jean Brusavich at legislativeteam@CalAAOR.com if you would like to join our Legislative Team.

Thank you.

Jean Brusavich
Legislative Team Leader