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Water therapy was one of the modalities specifically called out for banning by the Cal Vet Medical Board

CalAAOR stands for California Alliance for Animal Owners Rights

This is an ad hoc group of California animal owners and complementary/alternative animal practitioners who have joined together to fight the proposed regulations from the California Veterinary Medical Board  (CVMB).

Other states have fought similar battles with their state vet boards. Many state groups have used the name Alliance for Animal Owners Rights in their title; so we decided to follow suit. Animal owners in most of the United States have lost their rights. We want to prevent that from happening in California.

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Having seen what happened in other states, we believe California pet owners, supportive veterinarians,  and alternative/ complimentary animal practitioners will best be served by following the model that was adopted in Illinois. This would mean that the proposed CVMB regulations are rejected (even if amended) and instead a waiver system is implemented to allow consumers to make informed choices about their animals just as they do for themselves. Under this option all alternative and complimentary services will be exempted and such services will be available to all animal owners.

This chart, done by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), gives an overview of what animal care services the vet boards have made illegal in other states. In the chart, whatever has been deemed to be veterinary practice is therefore, by definition, (and without a vote of the public or a legislative bill), made illegal for anyone but a vet to do.


Please contact us with questions or comments. And get in touch if you would like to volunteer to help oppose these regulations. To reach us by email, email direct at:  office@calaaor.com